Working in the game industry for more than 8 years, and last few years in TVC/Movies as well allowed me to meet some of the best artists in the scene.

We teamed up to do full service to anyone who needs our services. Most of the time I work as individual but sometimes can work as a team on bigger projects.

I charge 25% less for our services to Indie individuals or companies/groups.

Our services include:

- 3d animation

- Pre visualisation

- CGI modeling services

- 2d/3d tracking/matchmoving services

- Visual effects fluids

- Visual effects destruction

- Smoke and fire phenomena

- Water simulations

- Explosions

- Concept design

- CGI Characters/Creature designs

- Character animation

- Vehicles Simulation

- Mattepaintings

- Greenscreen removal

- Color correction

- 3d Conversion


Please contact me for rates and more info!