Disney Channel, 7ate9 Entertainment, Transformers toy commercial
Levipan Production- Ganymede Pan (TV pilot Movie)
Trixter(Munich) - 7th Dwarf (Feature movie)
Trixter(Munich) - Captain America Winter Soldier (Feature movie) - Uncredited
The Shrieker 2014  -  ( Movie Short)
Folkloristics - Sapphire Strange (Movie Short)
Nulta Gravitacija - Jugoistočno od razuma(JiOR) (Scifi tv show)
Red Budha Pictures - Diana Clone (Movie)
K Hart - Keep running (Working title) (Movie)
G. Production - The Other world (Movie)
Fox Studios Australia - Sony Playstation 3 (Commercial)
Hammer Space, USA - Ressurection Man (film)
Discover Channel, Atomic Fiction UK - Stephen Hawking (Documentary)
Cloud Productions, Australia - Australian (Commercial) 
Silly Wee Films, UK - Night is day (Movie)


Camel101, USA - Those Who Remain, PC/PS4/Xbox1/Nintendo Switch
LittleGreenMan, Croatia Starpoint Gemini Warlords
Camel101, USA - Syndrome, PC/PS4/Xbox1
Camel101, USA - Black Talons
LittleGreenMan,Croatia - StarpointGemini II
Camel 101, USA - Gemini Wars 
Camel 101, USA / Legenda Studios, Czech Republic - Orczz
Camel 101, USA - Epic Escapes: Dark Seas 
Camel 101, USA - Lost City of Aquatica
Provox Games, Croatia - Space Force: Rogue Universe
Metropolitan Studios, Croatia - Ućilica
Iluminate Games, Portugal - Vatan game engine


IndieDB - Top 100 upcoming indie games of 2011 (Gemini Wars).
Games 2006 - Best visual art (Vatan game engine).


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